Integrated Behavioral and Biological Surveillance Survey (IBBSS) 2020 Nigeria

The Government of Nigeria, through funding support from the Global Fund to fight AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria grant, contracted the Institute for Global Public Health (formerly known as the Centre for Global Public Health), University of Manitoba (IGPH, UoM) to conduct the Integrated Behavioral and Biological surveillance survey in selected states. The last sentinel survey of this sort happened in 2014, and following the commitment of the government, through the Federal Ministry of Health and the National Agency for the Control of AIDs (FMoH/NACA) and the support received from Global funds and other partners, it was expedient that the 2020 IBBSS be conducted so that Nigeria, amongst other reasons, will have a complete epidemic surveillance update on her HIV national response effort

The main goal of the study was to obtain serological and critical behavioural information on key population including Female sex workers (FSW) both brothel and non-brothel based FSW, Men who have sex with men (MSM), Trans-genders (TG) and People who inject drugs (PWID) with a view to delivering evidence-driven HIV prevention and care programmes at state and national level.

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